Children Talent Show


Show Us What You’ve Got!

Sign up for the Glendale Fourth of July Children’s Talent Show.

Win a gift certificate to Bayshore Town Center. This includes all the great stores and restaurants at Bayshore including Kohl’s & Kilwins.

First place: $100; Second Place: $50; Third Place: $25

Please submit the following form by June 25th to participate. The show is from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Questions? Contact Michelle at

Know anyone who should sign up? Print this flyer and share it!

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We will provide ability to connect to your mp3 player (standard headphone output jack) or USB. We do not have the capacity to play CDs.
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All students attending Nicolet-District schools are qualified to participate
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You can receive one parking pass for the performer lot if required. Space is limited.
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